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Just because you’re a 476-year-old Catholic religious order, doesn’t mean you don’t need a kick-arse, e-commerce enabled website. When the Jesuit Mission enlisted our help to give them a powerful, up-to-date presence on the web, we were in.

We soon found out that a fair bit of effort goes into establishing orphanages and supporting other relief and development programs for the poor. There is always a whole lot going on, across many countries, and involving a huge number of people. This makes for a pretty dynamic site.

The Jesuit Mission needed something that was rich in detail but simple to manage. (After all, they’ve got better things to do.) We created the site using our CMS ‘Reditype’ so that keeping the site current would be super easy, and we integrated a ‘Donations’ option for spontaneous outpourings of generosity. Then, on the seventh day, we rested.

See the site: jesuitmission.org.au

Posted: December 3, 2010 1:32 PM by Richard Young | Tagged with: CMS jesuit mission reditype website design