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Saab love and care

One of our most recent projects has been to look after the people who look after Sydney’s Saabs.

We had to start from scratch on this one, building the Saab Tech site in its entirety. That included all the Saab photography, which was a very serious part of the job, not one in which we had loads of fun and hardly felt like we were working—it wasn’t like that at all.

Saab Tech

As Sydney's leading independent Saab service centre, Saab Tech needed a website to walk people through all the services that they offer. They also wanted to create a way for people to book a service online, thereby freeing up staff to get on with what they love most: caring for Saabs.

The end result is something that is simple and streamlined, just like the service at SaabTech. And if they want to expand the site at some stage and require more photography… how could we say no?

What did we do for Saab Tech?

  • Website design
  • The nuts and bolts: Steer CMS, our very own content management system

Visit: www.saabtech.com.au

Posted: October 8, 2009 12:34 PM by Richard Young | Tagged with: saab tech steer cms website development