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The Burp-o-meter…the definitive burp measuring device has arrived!

It’s a tempting and tormenting new iPhone game, giving you the ability to analyse your impressive burping talent and pass the evidence on to your outraged family and friends. Brilliant!


All you do is simply burp into your iPhone and wait for the Burp-o-meter to give you a score. You can save your choice burp—to replay for like-minded friends at special occasions—and you can even send your burp to loved ones. That’s right, your amazing burps can now be shared.

Apple app-store

What’s new in this version:

The language of the burp is universal

Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch (with microphone attachment)
Requires iPhone OS 3.0

Look out for:
The Fart-o-meter, not too far behind (excuse the pun)

How did The Burp-o-meter come together?

We couldn’t help ourselves really. We develop applications for all kinds of platforms—web or device based. And we’re not used to sitting around idly, so when we have a big idea, we act on it.

We refined the workflow, completed a storyboard, and developed an appropriate design, especially for this mobile platform. We then coded the whole thing from scratch, using the native iPhone development tools. The next step was to be approved by Apple as an iPhone developer, which involved complete and thorough testing of the application.

And after all that…hey presto, the Burp-o-meter was born!

Posted: September 27, 2009 9:22 AM by Richard Young | Tagged with: apple appstore burp-o-meter iphone application