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Purveyors of award-winning Riverina Fresh Milk, First Choice Dairy, recently asked us to help them expand their business to … something a whole lot bigger.

So we did! Here’s how…

Nick's. Food|Milk|More

Before Nick’s was “Nick’s”, it was like a lot of other businesses in the food service industry: earnest, sensible and, well… boring.

But—thankfully—Nick himself wasn’t boring.

They enlisted our help to create something new, interesting, and loaded with personality. So we went to work, coming up with a plan that would put Nick’s not only ahead of the competition—but in a different field altogether. Emily, planner extraordinaire, added her strategic magic to define the new positioning, and Erin, copywriter of nudie fame, used her way with words to bring that positioning to life.

We took the design lead, creating brand and website concepts which were quickly approved. Yay Nick!

To run the website, we’ve used Steer CMS: our very own CMS, which we’ve tailor-made just how we like it. And now that we have the building blocks, we’re getting very, VERY excited about developing Stage 2, a fully integrated e-commerce engine, where clients are able to browse through Nick’s 1000+ products and order whatever they like, online.

What did we do for Nick’s?

  • Research
  • Strategic planning
  • Rebranding
  • Design: everything from Nick’s business card and truck artwork to website look and feel
  • The nuts and bolts: Steer CMS, our very own content management system
  • A fully-integrated e-commerce engine

Visit Nick's.

Posted: July 8, 2009 12:01 PM by Richard Young | Tagged with: branding design e-commerce nicks steercms strategy