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Distributed e-Commerce with Nutrimetics My Websites

New additions and upgrades now make the Nutrimetics website the most comprehensive and feature rich direct selling website on the planet.


digital Wranglers latest project with Nutrimetics, Australia's largest online distributor of cosmetics, brought with it a huge range new features and system improvements. Nutrimetics legacy CRM software is now elegantly used in conjunction with their website to allow for a fully integrated product catalogue.

In addition to that, a brand new feature title "My Websites" proved advanced e-Commerce tools to more than 30,000 Consultants. From profile information to order fulfilment, Consultants now have more control.

Now more than 30,000 Nutrimetics Consultants have access to personalised e-Commerce websites allowing promotion and order fulfilment.

e-Commerce Integration

Over the past months, digital Wranglers and Nutrimetics Australia have teamed up to take on an ambitious project. Providing more than 30,000 Consultants with an extensive, public facing e-Commence tool set was no small task. The project now provides cross system integration in to the Nutrimetics legacy eCRM software.

From complete product catalogues to order fulfilment, "My Websites" delivers an extremely powerful tools to thousands.

Posted: February 19, 2009 5:53 PM by Piers Warmers | Tagged with: nutrimetics opencms