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Flexibility and low cost of ownership the key for FedEx Asia-Pac

Steer CMS has been deployed to manage the FedEx Asia-Pacific Intranet. FedEx's regional head office here in Sydney chose Steer CMS for its out of the box features, multi-site support, and the ease at which they could customise Steer CMS to further satisfy their demands.

The Intranet plays a key role in the implementation of the new regional strategy by moving all internal communication assets to a central hub. This allows staff to access up to date company resources, the company knowledge-base, and departmental documents, through a familiar web interface.

A strong emphasis on security means each department and level of management has customised access control. Using Steer CMS’s flexible ACL the IT department built and  easily maintain their array of required access control.

Steer CMS is currently managing four regional sites from the single installation.

Posted: August 5, 2008 4:48 PM by Richard Young | Tagged with: fedex intranet steer cms