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A new website for Carlile Swimming

There was definitely a “cool” factor that leapt out at us when we were asked to build a website for Carlile Swimming. For starters to be working with Carlile Swimming was fun in itself however we also saw a great opportunity to build what we were sure was going to be the best learn to swim website on the web.

The Carlile name is recognised just about everywhere due to the life and work of Forbes and Ursula Carlile who are widely attributed with being the parents of Australian swimming and modern Olympic training techniques. The Carliles have turned swim coaching in to a scientific art-form over a fifty year period, finding success with the likes of Shane Gould (Triple gold medalist at the 1972 Summer Olympics in Munich).

We developed a design that really speaks volumes about who Carlile are and what they do, then wrappedit around Steer CMS so that Carlile can control all their content. We’re now looking forward to implementing stage two!

What did we do for Carlile Swimming?

  • Research
  • Strategic planning
  • Website design
  • The nuts and bolts: Steer CMS, our very own content management system

Visit: www.carlile.com.au

Posted: July 30, 2008 3:57 PM by Richard Young | Tagged with: carlile swimming design steer cms